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Farewell to Three Gorges Summer, 1999

Great Wall Great Wall

A view of a portion the Great Wall of China outside Beijing. Here the wall is built on a hill.
The wall is thicker at the bottom than at the top. The purpose of the wall was to keep invaders out. Although men could climb the wall, the horses could not.

On June 4, 1999, we boarded the Air China plane to Shanghai to begin our two-week tour of China including a 4-day/5-night cruise on the Yangtze River.

We had many hazy rainy drizzly days, but our tour was only hampered during one day. We had great weather while the ship cruised through each of the three gorges. One day in Beijing it rained heavily and those of us who didn't have umbrellas found street peddlers selling them for $1.
This trip was a wonderful experience! We learned a lot and did experience a little of the Chinese culture.

Les got burned out on Chinese food, so it was two months before I could get him to take me to a Chinese restaurant.

This picture story is a brief summary of some of the things we saw. A more detailed account, with different pictures, is being prepared and will be available the end of September. Just click on China Trip and save this address in your favorites for future reference.

(Les took almost all the pictures on this page. During the trip he generally used the digital camera and I used the 35mm. My pictures need to be scanned and will be used on the future China Trip pages.)

Shanghai: west bank of the river Shanghai: Everywhere there are many people in China's cities. We visited Buddhist temples in many of the cities. Les says that he doesn't need to see another Buddhist Temple for awhile. Bicycles are the standard mode of transportation. The highways of Shanghai are lined with potted plants to provide greenery.
Monks in the Temple of the Jade Budda bicycles in Shanghai
incense burner Every Buddhist Temple had an incense burner in front of it. People burned incense by the bundle. Just for the fun of it, I bought a bundle. It cost about 30 cents.

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